Belmar Black Fishing on the Parker Pete 12/7- 1/7/16

Happy new year gang... 2015 was an amazing year for fishing with us... We have rolled into 2016 with the Blackfish still around in our shallow waters.. water temps still hovering around 49-50 degrees... I apologize for lack of reports , we were fishing alot and i needed a new computer.. Here are our reports for December and January so far.. you can like us on our facebook page Parker Pete Sportfishing for daily news...

December 7 Back on the Tog grounds today with Bruce and his gang ... It was a tog 101 kinda day ... Most of the boys never fished for them before so we put um on the rough stuff with hopes of a good bite.. Well once again it was a scratchy non comital bite .. The guys worked hard to get some keepers to 7 lbs ... Most guys had a few keeps w high hook of 4... Not a great day with the keepers but the boys had bunch of shorts n a lot of laughs

December 8 we had our annual trip with the boys from the Fishermans Den , The day started with Johny O's keeper before I shut off the engine ... Marty the Tog master followed up doing his thing catching the first limit by 0800 The boys put a nice box together ... It was pick away at few roasters n shorts , wait a few n pick away again ... Marty had the pool again this year with a nice fish pushing 8 lbs ... We all followed with our limits n we released A bunch more b4 calling it an early day ... Thanks again guys ... It really was an awesome day at sea

December 11 Today we had another tog trip 101... Most guys had never done it b4, we had a tough start with a fish here and there ... We did get a pick going but it died out for us .. We kept swinging off the spot .. But by day's end the guys did get a bag of meat to go home with ..

December 12 Today we had banana Bill , and his group out for striped bass ... It was game on right away with slot and bonus size bass , every cast on jigs and shads .. There were a few over 28 Also... After a few hours of that the big gator blues moved in... We caught all the blues one could want ..... Everyone had a blast , thanks again gang ...

December 16 Today we had Dans share charter out for blackfish ... Started the day with a nice NE breeze ... We picked away at shorts n nice keepers .. Made a few moves and found some hungry ones . I ended up with a nice 12 lb slob and the gang followed up with some nice roasters ... By day's end most of the guys had their limit ... It ended up a great day ...

December 20 Today we had Tom and family out for striped bass ... Well we got out there and found plenty of bird life , just couldn't find the fish ... So after a few hours of giving it hell we switched gears to blackfish 101... Most of the gang had never done it before , but they got the hang real quick... We plucked away at some real nice keepers and the shorts kept us busy ... By day's end some had limits and some 2-3... However everyone went home with a nice bag of meat ... Thanks again gang ... Merry Xmas

December 22 Today we had a 1990's Belmar marina reunion .... We had Dominic Vitolo,Marc Vitolo - of the Skipper , myself from the big Mohawk iii , Chris from the big Marie S , and Capt Cal ... And Darren McClellan and Capt Durish of IFD ... We headed out mid morning to go get some nice blackfish ... It was a pick to start getting some nice 3-5 lb fish along with some shorts ... By mid day we made a move and started catching a lot of shorts ... Soon after the keepers pushed the shorts out n it was lights out fishing ... Everyone catching their limit and then played catch and release ... Marc had the big fish today about 7.5 and also lost a big pig .... It was a blast to fish with you guys again .... It has been way too long .... Awesome day ... Merry Christmas .. Got our fish for Xmas eve

December 27 Today we had Doug's group out for blackfish , was hoping for 10-15 mph winds but it was more like 15-30... Either way we picked away all day .. A good amount of shorts with some nice roasters mixed in ... It was tough to feel the bites in the wind but when u did it was a nice fish ... A few guys had limits n the rest of the guys had atleast 1-3 keeps ... With the biggest boated today being 8 lbs ... And s few bigger ones lost ... All in all it was a great day ... Thanks guys

December 31 New years eve was a very tough day . we were still dealing with the fish being sluggish after the North east winds we had. fishing was completely terrible

January 7 A great day on the blackfish grounds with Fishing with Jersey Justin .. We picked at some real nice blackfish ..the weather was amazing for January .. Thanks again guys , stay tuned for more video from jersey Justin

We are still sailing for blackfish when the weather lets us out.. call and jump on a share charter or book your own ... see ya all soon