Fall Striped Bass reports 11/8-11/14

11/8 Tough day on the bass grounds for us today ... Some days you zig some days you zag... We saw plenty of life where we fished but only got the one striped bass ... Thanks guys ... Tomorrow is another day ..

11/9 Captain Tom took out the BJ supply group for a sun up to sundown striped bass marathon ... The morning it was a chase bait n look for bites .. Bluefish invaded the tight to shore spots ... Later in the day captain Tom found the hungry bass... All you wanted ... Was in release mode looking for over's very fast .

11/10 Today we had jerry and his gang out for some striped bass ...started off with bass on the bunker .. Plenty of run off's and missed fish .. Catching only a few on bait and then the blues came in with a vengeance ... After that we moved off the beach a little bit and started to pick away on the troll ... The guys had no problem getting their limit of under 43 " fish .

11/11 Today we took out greg's group for striped bass.. It was a nice pick of live lined fish.. We lost a lot of fish .. It seemed they wanted to play with the baits and not just attack it... But the boys got their unders .. Thanks again guys

11/12 no good on the striped bass grounds today with all the boat traffic

11/13 Today Capt Harry took out monster and banna bills group out for striped bass ... After yesterday being very tough , today was game on right away with catch and release after just a couple drifts ..

11/13 Pm trip Boat limit on under's for captain Tom with one over this afternoon.. Great trip both morning and afternoon...

11/14 Today we had our friends from Forest Electric out for some striped Bass... It was game on right away with bass on bunker ... Got our limit very easily with Under size fish ... It was release mode pretty fast ...after a little bit of that we didn't want to gut hook any fish so we put circle hooks on flat lines .. Catching a few more .. Then we decided to try off a bit to try and catch some over size fish but all we found was monster blues ... Thanks for a great day guys

We still have plenty of trips available in December for striped Bass or Blackfish ... We should see the Bass well into December and we also have bonus Tags for 1 fish 24-28" for each person ... book your trips now they are filling up fast