Fluke reports August 12- August 30

Wednesday August 12 we had joes charter out for fluke .. Our first day out since the the north east blow ... We picked away.. Wasn't great by any means

August 13 share charter went out for fluke ... We picked away at some spots , other spots were no good ... It's been a grind but we put a catch together

August 14 group went out for fluke ,we picked away at shorts n a few nice keepers up to 8 lbs ... The last drift made the day .. Almost the entire charter hooked up with nice black drum .. We boated 2 upto 40 lbs. Saturday we fished the friendly sons of shillelagh fluke tournament .. Searched for the big one but we struck out .. Sunday we headed back out with john's group .. It was a grind with shorts and some keepers ... John caught 4 nice fish while most of the charter got at least 1 keeper. It was a grind to say the least ... Thanks for fishing hard guys

August 16 Saturday we fished the shillelagh club fluke tournament searching for a big fish , that did not happen for us ... We had a off day... Sunday we headed back out with johns charter for fluke. It was a grind with shorts n a few keepers mixed in.. John caught 4 nice keepers and the other boys , most got a keeper ... Not a great day ...tough bite to say the least

August 17  we had Matt's charter out for fluke .. We got to the grounds n started to pick at shorts ... We moved around a lot looking for some nice fish n we only found a few.. A nice 6 lber and an 8 lber along w a few other keepers ... Mid way through the day we found loads of weakfish .. Catching double headers. ... Unfort they were little spikes .. But it was fun .. Thanks again guys

August 18 we had Hugh's group out for fluke. We hit the sandy grounds to go bait dragging .. It was great life right away on the short action with some keepers mixed in... It's been a grind this season .. Some days are better than others ... Just gotta keep at it

August 20 we had Henry's family charter from out west for fluke .. It was a gorgeous day on the water .. Started our day catching a good amount of shorts with a keeper here n there . The two young boys each got to fight a giant cow nose ray .... After that we picked away with the biggest fluke just around 6 lbs or so ... Thanks again guys see ya in the fall

August 21 we had Dans charter out for some fluke .. The morning started with a passing storm n light breeze.. Fishing was a pick from the start in some deeper water . As the day went on a front pushed through n winds started to kick up out of the North.. Made a move towards the beach and found an area of fish that were hungry ... Tons of 17" fish with 1-2 nice keeps a drift ... The biggest fish today was just over 7 lbs a nice 27 " fluke... Thanks again guys ... See ya in the fall

August 28 group came out to give it hell for the fluke ... It was pick at shorts throughout the day for us ... Had a shot of keepers at the end of the day to 5 lbs... A brutal day of catching ... Sorry guys , those Sea bass we released were nice. ..

August 30 group went out to catch some fluke ... We started our morning with a slow pick.. Catching some nice keepers as we went ... Everyone caught 1-2,keepers n we had one limit on board ... The quality was there today with fish to 8 plus lbs..