Parker pete fluke reports 8/5, 8,6

we had another on the water Bucktail seminar . We sailed today with only 3 guys due to some last minute back outs ... Started the day where we last fished.. The water temp had dropped n the fish just didn't bite.. After giving that some time we moved into a new area ... The guys were able to put a decent catch together by days end ... We all had atleast 2-3 nice keepers the biggest going around 5 lbs ... Thanks again guys great job     8/6 our   group came out to get some fluke n that's just what they did ... We went to yesterday's grounds n started picking away right away ... A lot of shorts that just mixed the mark n a few keepers each drift ... The guys worked hard to put a catch together with some limits had ... Our biggest fish today was 7 lbs. ... Thanks guys see ya for striped bass   The weekend of 8/8 and 8/9 we were not able to sail .. The North east blow just made it too nasty for us to go fluke fishing.. stay tuned for our next reports