Parker Pete's Fluke Reports

Our Fluke Season has been in full swing.. Have not had a chance to get on the computer but here are our last week of fluke fishing reports

July 5 we had the Urso family n friends out for some fluke ... It was a picky bite .. Fish would grab the bait n let go... We did catch a few nice fish with action on the shorts too

July 6 we had Pat charter out for some fluke. , we picked at fish today , more shorts than keepers .. Bucktail guys did well with keepers some having almost their limits .. But it was a a nice day to be out . Thanks guys

July 7 we had our first on the water Bucktail seminar ,sponsored by Bucktail boys. Our crew today worked very hard a catching big fluke . The conditions today was a nice drift with a southerly breeze .. We had tons of life all day long with constant short action and a few nice keepers coming up each drift ... It was not a banner day with big fish today but our crew bucktailed their butts off ... Great job today guys ... Look forward to fishing with you in the future .

July 8 we had the bar A guys out for some fluke . Got a late start but got to the grounds and started to pic away ... Decent short action and some keepers on each drift ... Nothing great but the guys had an awesome time ...

July 9 Tough day on the fluke grounds for today's group .. We went all over the place trying to get a good bite .. That did not happen today for us ... We will get them next time guys

July 10 Today we had a beautiful day on the ocean , went to the fluke grounds with loads of bait today .. Had some first timers and put out the old bait dragging ... The guys gave it hell with tons of shorts n just a few keepers ... Bucktails was the bait today for the keepers

July 11 we had Sam's charter out for fluke , it was better than yesterday .. Had a nice drift in the am but lost it throughout the day ... Picked away a tons of shorts n a few keepers most drifts ... The keeper fish were real nice with a 7 lber being the biggest ... Thanks guys see ya soon