Parker Pete's Mako Time

Thursday Morning we headed East to Catch a beast. We left the dock a lil later than i wanted , but got to the grounds looking for the right water and life....We put the trolling gear out to get some fresh bait. that never happened. crazy how it was. so we set up a slick anyway and got the blue dogs pretty fast.. hours of that , then the black torpedo came thru...we hooked up on the short line, thought we lost him but he did a 360 and came at the boat at about 45mph. then it was go time...almost spooling the reel... this fish stayed green for about 30 mins... In all we got him in the boat in about 45 mins... measured out 76" guessing 175lbs or more.. was a fatty... boy it was nice to work on a 17x13 platform w a tuna door... great job guys ... Parker Petes 6/18 bass/