Parker Pete Spring Striped Bass trips out of Belmar

IT will soon be Spring Striped Bass TIME Lets get out there and fill your freezers with Striped bass  Filets

We run 2 trips a day for the Spring run of striped bass. Our trips are from approx 0500 am - 1200 pm for a 6-man charter and again 230 pm - 900pm .  We provide all tackle needed to baitfish or jig and troll.  We always have hot coffee on board and a microwave to warm up your soup or sandwich, while you sit in our spacious cabin . Email us if you would like to jump on a shared charter. many groups have people drop out last minute and need someone to fill their spot

We are starting our live line striped bass trips on May 15 2015. If the bass show up earlier we will target them. These trips are $780 for a 6 person trip plus tip for mate. all tackle included

these are our charter dates Available in May for striped Bass . We will add those that need people for share charters as they come up. We still have plenty of dates in June available for striped bass also. please call or email for those dates

5/17 PM available for charter                   5/23 PM available for charter

5/18 Am or Pm available for charter          5/24 Am or Pm available for charter

5/20 pm available for charter                   5/25  AM or Pm available for charter

5/21 Am or Pm available for charter           5/26 Pm available for charter

5/22 PM available for charter

hope to fish with you all so we can catch that trophy Bass


A Shared Charter is when the group does not have enough people to fill the boat, we find those who will  join the group. the group splits the cost of a charter and split all the fish evenly.  If your interested in being on our email list for share charter please contact us email , phone , or text