Parker Petes Striped Bass 5/1-5/23

5/15 we had Steve and his crew out for striped bass.... we started looking in our usual areas but found nothing but tons of blues ... the guys had a great time jig fishing ... after that we dealt w very windy conditions on the troll ... we did manage one monster striped bass ... Billy caught his personal best of 46 lbs 48" fish .

5/16 am we went out looking for striped bass .. a few were caught here n there in the fleet .. we decided to go jig them up again .. it was great fishing ... after that we went back to the troll for the bass ... we just couldn't find much bait readings today ... tomorrow is another day

5/17 Am  Capt Tom had the Parker Pete out today with his group for striped bass ... it was a good start in the morning with Mike catching his personal best a 46 lb cow ... followed up by a few other over n under fish ... it was all in all a good day for the guys ....

5/18 pm This afternoon we had our magic hour trip .. it was tough for us to stay tight on the fish ... these fish were huge fish and any chance they were given to get away they did ... all 35-40 lb class fish .... John got his new personal best 46" 40 lb cow .. great job buddy ... thanks again guys

5/19 am and This morning we had our friends from Forest Electric out again for striped bass ... it was a tough day on the bass grounds ... we did manage a nice 36 lber this Am 10 minutes after we started but that was it for us ...we went back out for the Pm trip and tried a new area but with similar results for us ... 1 more nice fish to 38 lbs .... just couldn't get dialed in on them today .... we did have our limit +++++ of green Flies .... thanks again guys we will get them next time

5/20 We had to cancel the AM trip , but We made it out this afternoon... it started out a bit snotty so we trolled close to the beach and put a hurting on some blues for the kids ... as it calmed down a bit we moved off the beach n started to catch some striped bass ... it got better as we got closer to dark ... some personal best were caught today to 36 lbs .... nice job boys staying at the rail all afternoon....

5/21 Crazy Bluefish action on our AM trip .... lots of jig fishing

5/21 pm Tonight we finally got a chance to do some live lining bunker .... we made bait n trolled around for awhile...had a few bites but couldn't stay tight ... it looked very fishy where we were but no real love .... so we decided to go where we trolled them the other night n drifted out live baits ..... as soon as we stopped we had a fish on ... lost a few n then the guys got the hang of the bite .... a lot of personal best were caught tonight ... Jeff had the biggest going 47-48lbs ....49.5" fish ... outstanding job tonight guys ... thanks again

5/23 This morning we had our friends from the Jersey city FD out for some striped bass ... We drifted baits all day ... picking at fish every so often .. the biggest problem was keeping fish tight on the hooks ...
This afternoon we went back out for more striped bass ... we found very active bunker w fish following the baits and getting a few runoffs ... after messing with baits we made a move finding some more hungry bass ... but having the same issue with fish not staying tight ..... all in all some quality fish around ... thanks again gang