Parker Petes Striped Bass reports 5/23-5/30

5/23 Am , we headed back out to the striped bass grounds .. We were met w a beautiful ocean .... Started to see bait but it was too spread out to snag ... Put out the trolling gear and right away we started to get bites ... The fish were being very aggressive today .. Missing a bunch ... Once we got dialed in we got some cows ... All 35-43 lb big cows... A very nice day at sea ..

5/23 pm trip , Tonight's crew got into some nice cows too... Was not fast n furious but the quality was there ..

5/24 AM trip ,Today's group getting it done with over's n under's striped bass .... More personal best caught today for the gang.The big girls were hungry on our AM trip .. The guys got to wrestle some big cows with most being over 43".... Great day guys ... Heading out again to get some more

5/24 PM trip ,Live lining tonight was no good for us ... Lost the ones that bit.... We will get them next time ... They are here just only bit for a short time for us.

5/26 Am trip This Am group decided to go get some sea bass .. We were met with once again a beautiful ocean ... We had great life all morning .. Just tough on the keeper size ... As the afternoon progressed , so did the fishing ... Bigger biscuits started to come over the rail ... Not a great amount but the guys out a catch together ..

5/26 magic hour trip Our magic hour trip started off with going one way to get bunker only to go the other way to find fish... The fish were scattered around with boats catching some here n there

5/27 Am Today's charter got to get out for some nice striped bass fishing ... We boated the big girls up to 39 lbs .. The boys n girls had a blast ..

5/27 PM trip Rough seas this afternoon , but we caught a few nice ones

5/28 am The boys today got some real nice striped bass ... They love it so much they booked the Pm too ...

5/28 pm Little sporty again this afternoon but the boys got it done .. Even had a double header on... All big fish ... Thanks again Boys .... See ya soon

5/29 am trip , Today's group didn't want to wait for the striped bass to turn on ... So we took a ride n slammed some blues ...

5/29 pm trip , A little fog didn't keep these striped bass from eating ... It was great fishing ... The Florida boys did an amazing job with their first ever striped bass .... Thanks guys ...

5/30 am trip we canceled due to weather reports .....

we have plenty of dates available in June for charter or share charter ... get out with us and get thiose striped bass now .... the bite is on