Parker Pete's Weekend report Bass and Blues 5/16-5/17

Saturday Morning's trip We set out to find some striped Bass. After searching around for awhile The group decided to go bend some rods with the Blues Gators. We picked away at them throughout the day.

Saturday afternoon trip the group decided to take the ride and just focus on bending the rods with the Blues.. It was a pick until a few great drifts before dark when it was total insanity fishing ...

Sunday Morning group we were heading to the bluefish grounds when the fog rolled in heavy. I didnt want to take the long ride in those conditions. Decided to get away from all the crazy boats running around with no Radar and go troll our Tony Maja gear. We set up in an area I knew there would be bass. With the foggy conditions and the right water temps i knew we could catch a few. Right Away we caught Ed's personal best a nice 36 lb (45") Striped bass. (see photo above). We followed it up with 2 more real nice fish in the 25lb class . Then the sun came out and it shut off.

Our Sunday afternoon trip We went the Other direction after hearing reports of some bunker. Unfort that wasnt the case .. So we put the Tony Maja gear out once again. Had a few nice hook ups of big bass that we just could not get hooked right.  So needless to say the fishing has been ok if you work hard at it. I am confident that with the new moon and the warmer water moving in the bunker should move up and be game on ..