Parker Petes weekend wrap up

Saturday Capt Pete and capt Tom headed East to catch a beast for mako mania and mako Fever. We got to our usual areas and saw little life but put the trolling gear out anyway. Right away we caught a small bluefin and bluefish.... So after we got our bait we headed sharking. We set up sharking. The only life we got was the 4 makos that were in the slick. We came tight and brought 2 to the boat and were released. We had one nice one in slick that would have been a contender but he wasnt hungry. All in all an great day on the water. Sunday we had city slickers 2 on the boat. we got a late start at 6am so we didnt waist to much time w the striped ones. We ended up crushing the blues and then catching some nice fluke later in the day..The weather has been awesome lets get out there and catch some nice fish. We are fishing inshore and offshore. Plenty of sharks around. lets go get some nice steaks