Striped Bass reports 11/16-11/28

11/16 Great day on the striped bass grounds ... Today we had Doug's group . This AM we found fish right away , we just had a tough time getting them in the boat .. But later in the day it was game on ... Left them bitting ..

11/17 Capt Tom had today's group out for some striped bass action .. Had good life on some slot size striped bass first stop .. They played around with them for a bit and then went searching for some bigger fish .. All they found was monster blues until later in the day they came back to catching the smaller striped bass ... All in all everyone's arms were tired from catching fish all day

11/18 Today we had Brett's group out for striped bass ... We started the morning off looking for the striped ones in tight to the beach with the peanut bunkers ... Well that became a fight with the surf fishermen ... So we decided to move off a bit ... Well only a few bass caught in our area today .. So our guys got to play with Jesrey gator blues all day ... Thanks guys see ya soon

11/19 Today's report ... Your typical Saturday ... And a tough day on the bass grounds .. We trolled one striper and a bunch of blues .. Not the day I was hoping for b4 the blow tomorrow ... No fishing for us tomorrow ...

11/24 Today we had a crew trip for thanksgiving Tog ... Our Mate Craig , myself and Capt Tom ... We picked away all morning at some nice roasters ... Craig n I decided to just keep some male fish for the table .... We lost a few monsters today too ... I joined the heartbreaker club again this year , busting off a pig ... But all in all it was a great day to relax and catch some fish

11/25 Today we had our friends from Forest Electric out for striped bass ... It was a great day to be on the water .... We started with shads getting our guys their limit of bonus tag fish n playing catch n release ... After that we talked with Capt Tom who was trolling some nice fish to the east ... So then we got our guys nice fish to 30 lbs on the mojo n spoons .... Thanks again guys .

11/26 Today we had Fred's group out for striped bass .. We started out in the area of yesterday throwing shads .. Had one on and lost it right away ... Saw some fishing being trolled so we put the gear out n hooked up right away ... Then like a lite switch it turned off for us ... The fish were there just wouldn't bite much .. The pic of my electronics was like this all day long .... Tons of fish around , they just wouldn't cooperate today .... Tomorrow is another day

11/27 Not a bad day of catching striped bass n blues for silver bullet Bill and his boys .... Every day is different .. This morning there was some bunker with bass on them.. The Blues were a bit of a problem so we decided to put the spoons n deep mojo out ... The boys had a great time , thanks again

11/28 Tough day on the tog grounds ... We just couldn't get it going today .. Got some nice keepers at the end of the day including Eric's personal best 6.5 lb tog , But not enough... Get them next time guys