Striped Bass Magic Hour Schedule

Striped Bass Magic Hour Schedule 2021

35 ' Parker Pete & 55' Parker Pete Express
MID MAY - JUNE (See Our Calendar on the main page for dates )

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35 ' Schedule

55 ' Schedule


Reservations required on all Magic Hour Striped Bass Trips

If you have never experienced Striped Bass Fishing out of Belmar, you are only left to imagine seeing schools of bunker, sometimes acres of these 9, 10, 12-inch bait fish popping all over the surface. Watch as the water moves all so magically as dusk turns to night. Then it happens, the crashing of 30-40 lbs Stripers smashing on the bunker. You toss your line in with one of these live bunker candies on your hook. The bunker pops as it hits the surface getting the attention of one of these cows. Your line comes tight, the fish takes off and you set your hook. Hold on tight, you’re about to have the fight of your life.


What tackle to bring :

A conventional 6’-7’ rod with a reel loaded with a 30-40 pound test is best for fishing live bunker and jigs.

A limited number of passengers makes for a more comfortable fishing experience: 6 passenger max 

A typical Magic Hour will start with the snagging of live bunker filing our large live wells, once we have made enough bait for everyone it's off to search for the Big girls.